Research activities

Scientific research is carried out in several ways, primarily by participation in projects of innovation in education and the development of flexible education based on competence framework and graduate attributes. The College of Tourism and Management Konjic and its lecturers participated in international and world-known conferences and organization of similar events. The Senate of the College of Tourism and Management Konjic made a decision to establish the Institute of Social Sciences, as well as the Organizational Unit.

Scientific research on College of tourism and management Konjic is performed through:

  1. Participation in international education projects – Open Education Challenge 2013
    (European Commission) – Innovation in Education
  2. Cooperation with GIZ – support of adult education in the framework of the Round table on
    Education Outcomes and the Labor Market
  3. Development of strategies and studies
  4. Services in performing expertise and analysis
  5. Implementation of projects for companies and organizations in the field of tourism